“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room” - Jeff Bezos

Recently I looked at what people thought I did and while it was all true, I did many other things, no one really knew about. I am now working through adjusting that narrative. So I want to share some tips to help you understand what people THINK you do and then decide if you want to change that or not.

3 tips to find out what people think you do…

1. Review

Your brand is perceived by others. It’s important to understand what people think you do and what you stand for. Once you know this, you have an opportunity to change it.

Review your communications, does your website explain clearly the services you offer? What about your social media?

2. Search

We want to be found for the the things we offer. What happens when you Google the product or service you offer in your area?

Search your keywords. Does your business appear under any of the main key phases in the area you work in? If Google doesn’t think you do it, others might not either. 

3. Ask (simple right?)

Your existing networks are an amazing resource to find out if you are clearly communicating your business offerings.

Ask your friends, family, customers what they believe you do and what service you offer. Record the data and decide if that’s the brand message you want to be communicating.


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