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Want your brand to communicate with your audience?

Hey! *waves*  I’m Delphie Joy Dib-Milston (it’s a bit of a mouthful right? But it has been a name that’s served me well as a conversation starter and ice breaker!)

I founded See Creative in 2009 with a vision to help clients create successfully branded visual communications that stay focused on the core customer message at all times. I am passionate about helping established businesses gain clarity and propel their business forward through brand building and visual design. I like to get to the heart of your business so I conduct detailed brand discovery sessions that form the foundation for a clear brand identity and engaging communications.

I have been a practising designer since 2004 when I graduated with a Masters degree in Creative Arts – Graphic Design and New Media. Since then my trusted, many long term, clients, have described me as highly strategic, experienced with meticulous attention to detail (aren’t they lovely?!). I create bespoke, handcrafted type-focused visual design solutions and I have a hunger to always learn more.

I’m a flat-white-kinda-gal and you can always win me over with 70% dark mint chocolate, just a FYI 🙂

Here’s how I can help your scale up business…

When you work with See Creative, you receive;

  • A strong, intentional business relationship with your goals, front and centre.
  • Brand discovery, positioning and messaging. A clear focus on why you started and where you want to go.
  • Custom logo design and brand identity systems. Based on strategic discovery, I will craft designs that are unique, beautiful and successful in communication.
  • Marketing and brand collateral. Let me help you roll out the collateral you need and develop the marketing strategies and brand planning to propel you forward.

What you won’t receive;

  • A pixel pusher. I want to help your business grow through conversations and uncovering your problems.
  • A package deal. Every business has different problems and struggles, let’s work together to solve these.
  • An hourly rate. I work with fixed prices for projects so you and I start on the same page.
  • A grump! I love working with mutually respectful companies. I am always happy to jump on a call or help when you need it. I believe the best outcomes happen when we work as a team.

Brand discovery

  • Brand strategy – identifying the why, for who and how.
  • Core customer profiles – let’s get to know your people!
  • Positioning – what makes you different?
  • Messaging – how we communicate this.

Identity design

  • Logo design
  • Identity design systems
  • Style guides
  • Brand management of communication material


  • Typography Design
  • Custom Lettering Wordmarks
  • Typeface Design

Digital design

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Instagram Curation

Perception is everything – let me help your business start real conversations with your core customers

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