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ENVISAGE. your desired outcome

Firstly, to ensure we gain a clear understanding of your business, your target audience and the objectives of your marketing activities, or rebrand requirements, we obtain a brief from you. We have forms you can use as a guide for this. Get in touch if you need one and we’ll email it over.

The briefing part of the process helps you envisage who you are today and where you would like to be, so that we can help you create the best overall “impression” for your business. We ask you a number of pertinent questions about your project which in turn helps you to articulate the purpose and intentions of your marketing and its key messages and ensures that we, See Creative, keep our eye on your end goal.

FOCUS. on the message

By gaining an insight into your company, its unique selling proposition and the core benefits of your products or services, we will be able to more effectively help you represent your own unique sets of attributes throughout your communications.

Generally we find that the best design output comes from clients who come to us with a clear idea of what they have to offer but leave the creative representation of that offer for See Creative to develop.

Taking your brief, the life span of the communication piece, and its desired outcomes, we focus on translating your requirements into a distinct set of visual communications that stay focused on the key message at all times.

During the focus phase we will devise and weave together a unique set of creative brand elements that will leave a crystal clear imprint on the mind of the beholder.

REALISE. results

At all times See Creative will adhere to managing your project in an efficient and timely manner. We will quote your job upfront and where possible, outline the entire process so that there are no surprises. We will touch base with you often, so that you always know where everything is at.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident with the final outcome of your communications because after-all it’s you who will be living with it on a daily basis. So you can rest assure that we will consult with you on the creative strategy we devise and explain how all the individual elements gel together to bring into effect the overall required result.

Most importantly we will ensure that at all times the final output ties back to the key message you wish to convey so that your communication and marketing results are achieved each and every time.

Perception is everything – talk with See Creative today about how we can help your company image.

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