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ABCD Alphabet Letter Dip Bowls

ABCD Alphabet Letter Dip Bowls | Read more >
Posted: 5th May 2010

Oh, how our passion for character forms found on different surfaces grows with these gorgeous, custom made, dishwasher safe dip bowls from notengomiedo



dressed. | Read more >
Posted: 29th April 2010

Who would have thought getting dressed could be so beautiful! Check out the beautiful images of photographer Jonathan Waiter.


Extraordinary Animals in the Womb.

Extraordinary Animals in the Womb. | Read more >
Posted: 29th April 2010

Lost at E Minor has led us to some remarkable images... Extraordinary Animals in the Womb. "Producer Peter Chin used a ‘combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture the process from conception to birth’ of a number of animals including penguins, elephants, dolphins, dogs, and penguins."


The Practice of Everyday Design

The Practice of Everyday Design | Read more >
Posted: 20th April 2010

Design Milk have introduced us to another fine find - The Practice of Everyday Design. This new partnership is focused on installation art, product design, and architecture. "The Practice is committed to the merging of seemingly irreconcilable ideas to form new design opportunities. The practice is not afraid of pushing the boundaries of convention, the status quo, or the constraints imposed by current technologies. Ideas emerge from the desire to reevaluate the banality of the everyday and reinvent them to create innovative and playful designs. Using art as a means to investigate process and design — there is no clear boundary between their design practice and their art pieces." Thanks Design Milk, check out more here.


Dogs as Typefaces

Dogs as Typefaces | Read more >
Posted: 13th April 2010

Two loves brought together! Dogs representing Typefaces... we think they are onto something here! But what could our pup, Brandi (a staffy)... be? A neurotic, hyperactive thing?


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