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Neutraface Slab Blocks

Neutraface Slab Blocks | Read more >
Posted: 30th May 2010

Ever since the incredible take on Lady Gaga's Pokerface song, "Neutra Face : An Ode On A Typeface (A Bearded Poker Face Parody)" has imbedded itself in my mind. The lovely typeface by House Industries can now be seen on these children's building blocks. Created to encourage learning of the alphabet, I think every adult could enjoy these lovely little type items!


Red Movement

Red Movement | Read more >
Posted: 21st May 2010

This is just one of many... check out an impressive range of glamour photographs from Stockholm based photographer Jenni Porkka. Loving the movement in the images.


Geometric Book by Kapitza

Geometric Book by Kapitza | Read more >
Posted: 21st May 2010

Myfonts shares yet another type o' talent in their Creative Characters newsletter. The Kapitza sisters are originally from a village in southwest Germany and are now based in London. "After working for pioneering companies in digital media, they set up their studio kapitza in London’s East End and discovered a niche crafting picture and pattern fonts. Working in the intersection between illustration, art and type design, they have become highly regarded in the UK and abroad. A stunning book showcasing the endless possibilities of Geometric, their suite of minimalist pattern fonts, has brought them even more recognition." Be sure to check out the newsletter to read the full interview. 


For the love of AND… | Read more >
Posted: 13th May 2010

The Ampersand (&) has been in hot discussion of late. In communications we find it to be overused and often think why not use the word "and" as it is intended! However, when a designer comes along and makes a beautiful work of typeart, how can you not be excited about using it! Haafe & Haph have created a set of 10 gorgeous ampersands for purchase. We would be happy to see these used in display form and might just create a project of our own to use them!


Shape my language

Shape my language | Read more >
Posted: 10th May 2010

Shape My Language - An Exhibition by Bruno Maag in Vienna was held in March 2010. The press text for Shape My Language explains "There are dozens of different script systems in use in the world today, giving shape to thousands of spoken languages. A typeface designer’s task is not only to visualise the emotion with which a message is spoken, but also to ensure that the reader can absorb the message with a minimum of distraction."

More images of this gorgeous exhibition can be seen on the FontFeed website. To be amongst all that type would feel really special...


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